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Widex V.2 Easywear RIC Receiver


The Widex Receiver is suitable for the following Widex Hearing Aid models:

  • Widex Moment 440 R D (Rechargeble Direct)
  • Widex Moment 330 R D (Rechargable Direct)
  • Widex Moment 220 R D (Rechargable Direct)
  • Widex Moment 110 R D (Rechargable Direct)


The V.2 Easywear Receiver is smaller than the first-generation Easywear Receiver and covers a wider fitting range.

It can be worn with both the Easywear Domes and the Widex Balloon Domes.



  • available in lengths 1 - 4



  • 1x Widex V.2 Easywear Receiver
  • Spare part for Hearing Aids / workshop supplies

Widex V2 Easywear Receiver for Hearing Aids

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