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Widex TV-Dex

Listen to TV or music without worry and directly through your hearing instruments! The best sound you can get with your Widex hearing instruments


It is often very difficult for people with hearing loss to watch TV or listen to music. This is because the signal emitted from the speaker is often affected by the ambient sound of the room due to the distance from the person hearing. Thus, many hearing aid users complain that they find it difficult to watch television despite a good hearing aid fitting.


TV-Dex now provides a remedy:

Because TV-Dex is a high-quality audio transmitter that transmits signals directly from the TV to your Widex hearing aids via the "controller"


And here's how it works:

The base station is the transmitter unit that connects to the TV. It has 2 audio inputs, so that the stereo can also be connected in parallel. In operation, the base station sends the audio signal to the TV controller, which is simply worn around the neck like a necklace. The TV controller processes the signal and sends it to your Widex hearing aids. This means you hear the TV sound directly and in real time through your hearing aids with the amplification stored in them.


With the TV controller, you can also adjust the volume to your individual needs, an important feature that is convincing when commercials are too loud, for example. The advantage for family members with good hearing is that they can hear the TV sound at the desired volume.


The Widex TV-Dex can be used with the following hearing aid models:

  • Moment RD
  • Enjoy 100
  • Enjoy 50
  • Awake
  • Beyond 110 - 440
  • Unique 110 - 440
  • Daily 100
  • Dream 110 - 440
  • Clear 220 - 440
  • Super 220 - 440



  • Real-time transmission thanks to WidexLink wireless technology
  • Highest sound quality without ambient noise
  • Low power consumption
  • Stable and interference-free signal transmission
  • easy operation
  • Volume control via TV controller
  • Room cut-off function of hearing aid microphones


Technical specifications:

  • Range: base station - TV controller: 10 meters
  • Range: TV controller - hearing instruments: 1 meter
  • Battery life: up to 10 hours
  • Frequency range: 100 - 11200Hz
  • Color: silver/black
  • WEEE Reg. No. 63362049



  • 1x Widex TV-Dex Set
  • 1x connection cable set (Scart, RCA, jack)
  • 1x user manual


Commissioning / Coupling:

For pairing, the TV controller only needs to be plugged into the base station once before commissioning - pairing is complete. This simple method allows the user to use their TV controller with other, additional base stations, such as in the office. Pairing the TV controller with Widex hearing aids is also very easy. Simply press the plus and minus buttons on the TV controller simultaneously for 3 seconds and hold them near your hearing instruments - the pairing is complete. If your hearing instruments were previously paired with another Dex controller, pairing must be done once by your hearing care professional via the software.

Widex TV-Dex

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