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Widex SoundAssist Multimicrophone

SoundAssist gives you many new options and the best sound in many listening situations. Wherever your hearing aids reach their limits, SoundAssist shifts them and gives you a new listening experience. Recorded speech is transmitted clearly and directly to your hearing aids, so you can stay focused even in confusing listening situations. SoundAssist features 3 high-quality microphones that localize speech. Program buttons and volume controls give you the additional ability to adjust the multi-microphone to the situation at hand.


In the SoundAssist you will find sophisticated technology in a small space:

  • as a partner microphone for lectures
  • as a table microphone in a small group
  • as a receiver for inductive listening systems in churches or theaters
  • as a headset for your smartphone
  • as a connection to your PC or other BT devices
  • as a remote control for your Widex hearing instruments


Widex Sound Assist can be used with the following Widex hearing instruments:

  • Moment Sheer D (with BT)
  • Moment D (with BT)
  • Magnify D (with BT)


Technical details:

  • Size: 43 × 43 × 16 mm
  • Weight: 32 g
  • Color: anthracite
  • Battery power: up to 10 hours
  • Charge time: 3 hours



  • 1x Widex SoundAssist
  • 1x charging cable
  • 1x user manual

Widex SoundAssist Multimicrophone BT

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