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NanoCare - the special Earwax protection with lotus effect


Hearing Aids ear wax filter? Why do you need that?

Widex NanoCare is a small filter that sits directly in front of the Receiver outlet. Here it takes over the task of keeping foreign bodies, dirt or moisture away from the sensitive listener membrane. Because what once penetrated into the Receiver, also remains there. The result is poor transmission of the Hearing Aid, a muffled sound or total failure.


The technology on which NanoCare is based is inspired by nature - in particular, the lotus effect. This extraordinary effect can be observed in plants such as the lotus and the water lily, which have special, self-cleaning properties. Because of these properties, the Wax Guard not only protects against penetrating particles, but also against moisture.


By changing the filter regularly, you ensure a perfect sound of your Hearing Aids. At the same time you reduce the susceptibility to repairs. The Earwax protection should be renewed about every 4 weeks. The small grid in the filter should always be free of residue during this time.


The NanoCare Earwax protection grids are the further development of the Widex CeruStop filters and have the same size. So if you have already used Widex CeruStop you can also use NanoCare without any problems.


User Instructions:

  • To change the filter, simply remove one of the rods.
  • Use the blank side to pull the used filter straight out.
  • Turn the rods and insert the new filter. Done!


Technical data:

  • Suitable for Widex EasyWear Receiver
  • For listeners of DreamUniqueDaily, Passion and Clar Hearing Aids



  • 1x Widex NanoCare Wax Guard
  • Content: 8 pieces

Widex NanoCare Wax Guard with lotus effect

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