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Widex Moment Sheer

The Widex Moment Sheer combines the finest technology with elegant design to achieve the ultimate in comfort while wearing hearing aids, regardless of the severity of hearing loss. Widex believes that it is not the sound alone that determines the quality of a hearing aid, but the feel of the hearing aid plays an equally significant role. According to them, hearing aids should fit their wearer and give them a sense of participation and connection to their environment. Consequently, the Moment Sheer was created, which produces almost unbelievably natural sound and thus gives its wearer a feeling of freedom and normality in hearing. Design-wise, the most popular features of the most popular Widex hearing aids have been combined to harmonize aesthetics and audiology. The following features, among others, await you in the Widex Moment Sheer:


  • MySound - Widex is committed to listening to the opinions of its users to improve the hearing experience for all Widex hearing aid users. To this end, Widex MySound 2.0 was created - through this, you can share your hearing preferences with both your hearing care professional and Widex itself. Based on this, your hearing experience can be increasingly optimized through refined recommendations on how to adjust your hearing aids.


  • PureSound - Through Zero Delay , PureSound technology delivers the fastest sound processing in the world of digital hearing aids. Consequently, perceived sounds arrive at the listener with virtually no delay (less than 0.5 milliseconds), providing a natural perception of them.


  • Rechargeability - The battery operation of the Widex Moment Sheer eliminates the hassle of changing batteries and instead allows you to recharge overnight. This gives you a runtime of 29h if you forgo streaming. Excessive streaming of 8h reduces the battery life to 16h. If the nightly charge is forgotten, a power kick of 30 minutes of charging can already gain a renewed listening time of 4h.


  • Comprehensive connectivity- The Widex Moment Sheer can be easily connected to both Android and iOS devices. Thus, there is the possibility of streaming via external devices. At the same time, the hearing aid can be paired with a breadth of add-on accessories to equip your hearing for any challenge.


  • SoundRelax - As the world around us gets louder and louder, it's even more important to create moments of quiet and relaxation. Widex Sound Relax provides a range of relaxing sounds that help combat tinnitus or anxiety by exerting a calming effect on the listener.


Widex Moment App

Personalizing your listening experience can be done through the Widex Moment app. Here, choosing and creating different listening programs is possible, as well as regulating the volume. A volume change can be made individually for each hearing aid. In addition, you can view the battery status of your hearing aids via the app and locate them if they cannot be found. In the streaming section, settings regarding connectivity and volume can also be made. Finally, the Widex Moment app supports you with helpful videos and FAQs for questions related to your hearing aids.


Widex Moment Sheer Accessories

With the right add-on accessories, the Widex Sheer and you become an unbeatable team, regardless of your hearing needs. Here's an overview of compatible accessories for your hearing aids:


  • TV Play - Enjoy the TV evening to the fullest again - this is what the TV adapter enables you to do, as it transmits the sound of your favorite program directly to your hearing aids. Consequently, you will no longer miss any details and complaints from your partner regarding the volume will vanish into thin air!


  • Charge & Clean - While charging your hearing aids at the same time perform a drying of them? This not only saves a step, but also increases the life expectancy of your hearing aids through a gentle drying process. After 20 minutes of drying and 4 h charging, the charging station automatically ends its work.


  • RC-Dex - This handy, small remote control allows situational adjustment of the program selection and volume of your hearing aids to the respective listening environment. Its size makes it easy to carry with you at all times to optimize your hearing.


  • Com-Dex - Background noise during phone calls is reduced with the Com-Dex, while the voice of your conversation partner is clearly highlighted. The latter you hear directly through your hearing aids, the accessory transmits your voice during the conversation, so you do not need to bring the phone to your ear.


Find more Widex accessories here.


Widex Moment Colors

Your new Widex Moment Sheer is available in the following colors: black, gray, silver, dark brown, chestnut, beige, golden brown, blonde, white, pink, red, turquoise, dark blue.

Widex Moment Sheer

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