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Widex Moment

Widex's goal with theWidex Moment is to create a natural sound experience. Available in a variety of versions, the Widex Moment also comes with lithium battery. Here, Widex Pure Sound technology enables a customized sound pattern. Unlike other hearing aids, there is less distortion of sounds. The Widex Moment is thereby able to process sound at almost the same speed as healthy hearing.


  • Individually fitted - Using TruAcoustics, your hearing care professional can custom fit your hearing aids to the particular anatomy of your ear canal. The technology is based on thousands of measurements and analyses of human ear canals. In addition to a clear sound, the perception of your own voice is also optimized by this, which causes a natural hearing experience.


  • Artificial Intelligence - The Moment Sheer can be adapted in real time to the respective listening situation. Integrated into the Sound App, artificial intelligence machine learning results in personalized sound. You can also access sound recommendations from numerous Widex users to learn about new sound options and adjust them even faster.


  • Automatic fitting - Widex Moment hearing aids automatically adjust to the listening situation. Whether in noisy traffic, at dinner with friends or at home. The hearing aid responds precisely to the corresponding requirements. In the process, the adjustment takes place at a speed that remains completely unnoticeable to you.


  • Targeted perception - If you are affected by hearing loss, it is often difficult to focus on a particular speaker in noisy situations. Therefore, your hearing aid recognizes for you which sounds are unimportant and which are central. Background noise is consequently masked out while you hear your conversation partner amplified.


  • Fade out background noise - There are many sounds that - especially when heard with a hearing aid - are unpleasant. The Widex Moment detects these and curbs their volume before they are perceived as annoying. This means that the clinking of glasses, the whirring of a refrigerator or wind noise can no longer disturb you during outdoor activities. Pleasant sounds such as the crashing of waves at the sea, on the other hand, are preserved so as not to deprive you of the pleasures of everyday life.


Widex Moment Accessories

With the appropriate additional accessories, the Widex Moment insists on any hearing requirement. An overview of accessories available for purchase can be found here:


  • TV Play - This TV adapter transmits the sound from your TV directly to your hearing aids, allowing you to adjust its volume individually. Consequently, fellow viewers are not disturbed by the possibly high volume and nothing more stands in the way of a harmonious evening.


  • Charge & Clean - A time-saving solution to realize the drying and charging of your hearing aids at the same time represents this charging station. With its gentle drying process, which ends automatically after 30 minutes, it contributes to the functional preservation of your hearing aids. The charging of the devices, on the other hand, is completed after only 4 h.


  • RC-Dex - The program selection and volume of your hearing aids can be changed with just one click on this handy remote control to react situationally to changing hearing conditions.


  • Com-Dex - Background noise during phone calls is reduced with the Com-Dex, while the voice of the person you are talking to is clearly emphasized. The latter you hear directly through your hearing aids, the accessory transmits your voice during the conversation, so you do not need to bring the phone to your ear.


Find more Widex accessories here


Widex Moment App

The WIDEX MOMENT app and the Widex Tone Link app allow you to control your hearing aids and make minor adjustments to them. For example, the volume or program selection can be manipulated through the app to respond to changes in the listening environment. You can also view the battery level of your hearing aid and its location. If you have questions or complications with your Widex Moment you can find answers to common questions and helpful videos within the app to troubleshoot various issues or usage options.


Widex Moment Colors

All Widex Moment models come in different colors, depending on the design. Shown in the pictures you can see Light Beige and Silver Grey.

Widex Moment

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