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Widex Magnify


Widex Magnify is a new economy series with natural sound and exciting features. It features wireless connectivity and lithium battery technology. Two gradations are included in the Widex Magnify series: Magnify 50 - the entry-level economy class and Magnify 100 - the upscale economy class of Hearing Aids. Both models are suitable for different levels of hearing loss. The mRIC R D in the Magnify 100 level is among the smallest Hearing Aids for particularly high discretion.


Fitted individually to your ear

The TruAcoustic algorithm enables hearing adapted to the anatomy of the ear. This creates a natural sensation of the listening environment. This is reinforced by the rapid response of the Hearing Aid to changing hearing situations. 


Wirelessly connected

The Bluetooth models of the Widex Magnify series can be connected to the smartphone, ,TV and landline phone, as well as other mobile devices. The sound is transmitted directly to the ear. Together with the Widex Magnify app and the Widex ToneLink app, the devices can be additionally customized and controlled remotely. 


Widex Magnify is available in a wide range of colors and models.

Widex Magnify

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