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Widex Easywear Receiver for Hearing Aids

The Receiver consists of a small Receiver housing with a very robust cable, which was attached to the side of the housing for the first time. This ensures a better fit in the ear canal. At the same time, the Hearing Aid sits more securely and closer to the ear. By the fact that the Receivers in a robust plastic housing infused were achieved a significantly improved resistance to environmental influences such as moisture. The proven Wax Guards NanoCare protect the Receiver from penetrating dirt or skin particles. The Receiver cable is reinforced with the high-tech material KEVLAR and thus offers a higher tensile strength and ductility than before.


Easywear can be worn either with a custom-made earmold or with the Widex Dome Instant Ear-Tip.


The new generation of earmolds has identical acoustic properties as the previously used earmolds with attached cable.

So if you have previously used an M Receiver, it will be the same as the new Easywear M Receiver.


The Receivers are offered in five different lengths, from 0 to 4.

Please note:

If you are interested in a smaller or stronger Receiver than before, discuss this with your hearing care professional beforehand. The transmission characteristics of the Hearing Aid may change as a result. If necessary, a change should then be made in the setting of the Hearing Aid. 


Widex Easywear Receivers are suitable for the following Widex Hearing Aids:

  • Widex Moment (without R D)
  • Widex Enjoy
  • Widex Beyond
  • Widex Unique
  • Widex Fusion
  • Widex Super
  • Widex Daily D 100 FS



  • Molded-in rugged earcup
  • Cable reinforced with KEVLAR
  • Side cable attachment for better fit
  • also suitable for small ear canals
  • Optional custom ear mould can be used


Technical data:

  • Identical audiological data as previously used plug-in headphones
  • Same plug-in connection to the housing as previously used Receivers
  • Available in S, M and P power levels
  • Earwax protection used: NanoCare
  • Domes used: instant open tip



  • 1x Widex Easywear Receiver for Hearing Aids

Widex "Easywear" Receiver for Hearing Aids

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