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Widex CROS

Do you suffer from hearing loss on one side only and are looking for a suitable hearing aid? Widex CROS is specifically designed for unilateral hearing loss and offers a wireless microphone solution. The device transmits sound to the ear that still hears better, allowing for better hearing. Depending on your needs, Widex CROS Fashion is available in an elegant look or Widex CROS Fusion for more discretion. Widex CROS is compatible with almost all models in the EVOKE and ENJOY series with the exception of the CIC MICRO, FUSION 2 and BTE 13 D.


Understand speech even in noisy environments

In difficult listening situations, the hearing aid assists by transmitting sound signals on the deaf ear to the second intact ear with a compatible hearing aid. The radio transmission uses Widex Link technology. A high transmission bandwidth guarantees clear hearing without distortion. Depending on which device you combine, you benefit from speech amplification and noise reduction. Despite the high power consumption of the wireless technology, you can rely on your hearing aid for up to 12 hours before you need to replace the battery.

Widex CROS

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