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Widex charging station for Moment R D

The operation of the charging station is very simple. Open the lid of the station and insert your hearing aids into the slots provided. Done!


You can power the charger with regular household electricity, connect it to your computer, or use it in your car via the cigarette lighter. Once the station is connected to the mains, the indicator lights will flash white 5 times and then go out. The charger is now in stand-by mode. The charging cycle for your MOMENT hearing aids takes approximately 4 hours. As soon as the devices are fully charged, the charging station automatically ends the charging process. A charging time of half an hour will save you the next 4 hours.


During the charging process, the LED lights up yellow. The indicator will flash green when the hearing aid battery is low and less than 40% charged. When charging is complete, the LED will be solid green. Your hearing aids are now fully charged and will get you safely through the day.



  • Charging station for Widex MOMENT R D
  • WPT1 for mRIC R D
  • WPT2 for BTE R D
  • Simple operation
  • Maintenance-free


Technical data:

  • Color: black
  • Micro USB port
  • LED light indicators



  • 1x Widex charger
  • 1x USB cable and power plug
  • 1x user manual

Widex Charging Station for Widex Moment R D

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