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Widex Cerustop XL Filter

Wider XL filters are used in various Widex in-ear devices. The filters have the important task of keeping foreign bodies and skin particles away from the Hearing Aid technology.

The grid of the filter should always be clear to ensure proper transmission of the Hearing Aid. If the filter becomes clogged, you can gently clean it with a brush. Changing it regularly, about every 4 to 6 weeks, will protect the electronics in the Hearing Aid and prevent repairs.


User Instructions:

  • To change the filter, remove one of the rods from the packaging.
  • Use the "blank" side to pull the used filter straight out.
  • Turn the rod and insert the new filter. Done!


Technical data:

  • Suitable for Widex In-the-ear Devices.



  • 1x Widex Cerustop XL Wax Guard
  • Content: 8 pieces

Widex CeruStop XL Wax Guard

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