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Widex Wax Guard CeruStop

Every outsourced Hearing Aid Receiver comes with a matching wax guard. Widex CeruStop are the matching Wax Guards for various Widex Hearing Aids.


The small filter prevents dander or small particles of dirt from entering the membrane of the Receiver.

By changing the filter regularly, you ensure that your Hearing Aids sound perfect while reducing the risk of repair. Filters should be changed approximately every 4 weeks. The fine grid of the filter should always be freely visible during this time, otherwise the interval may also shorten.


Signs of a necessary change are a quieter sound of the Hearing Aid, or if you can even see that the filter has closed.

If moisture is a big problem, you can also use the Widex NanoCare Earwax protector instead of the CeruStop. This has a special coating that protects the Receiver even better.


User Instructions:

  • To change the filter, simply remove one of the rods.
  • Use the "blank" side to pull the used filter straight out.
  • Then simply insert the new filter on the other side of the rod and you're done!


  • Earwax protection system specifically for Hearing Aids
  • Same size as Widex NanoCare
  • Easy replacement of the filter



  • 1x Widex CeruStop Wax Guard
  • Content: 8 pieces

Widex CeruStop Wax Guard

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