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Unitron Stride Blu

Offering comfort combined with powerful hearing technology, the new Stride B-PR and Stride B-UP BTE form factors provide easy personalization and performance to support everyday life. A smaller, sleeker design than its predecessor, the Stride B-UP features an easy-to-find multi-function button for easier control and is Unitron’s first Ultra Power device to offer Made For All direct connectivity. The rechargeable Stride B-PR offers tap control and provides a full day of listening on a single charge, so wearers can remain engaged in their daily activities without pausing to recharge. 


Connecting clients directly to their hearing care professionals (HCPs), Unitron introduces new enhancements to their distance support solution, remote adjust. In addition to gain and compression adjustments, remote adjust now allows HCPs to make adjustments to directionality, feedback cancellation, speech enhancement and noise reduction. Providing the wearers enhanced freedom whether they’re at home or on the move.


Automatically optimizing sound across a wide variety of sound experiences, including both complex and quiet environments, Blu hearing aids transition seamlessly from one situation to another. In situations where the automatic features don’t match the wearer’s listening intentions, they can select convenient pre-set sound profiles, and make adjustments in the moment to boost speech or listening comfort, via the Remote Plus app.  

Unitron Stride Blu

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