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Unitron SlimTubes HE for all enclosures with HE connection.

Unitron's thin tubes are suitable for fittings where there is a high demand for cosmetics and comfort. Their small diameter makes them very discreet to wear, making them almost invisible.


Unitron sound tubes should be replaced regularly. Depending on wear, they should be changed about every 2 - 3 months. At the latest when the SlimTubes have become hard or discolored, they should be replaced. Ensure proper sound transmission from your Hearing Aid yourself and avoid pressure points that can be caused by a hardened sound tube.


The SlimTubes are offered in four different lengths from 0 to 3. When ordering, please note the correct length of the tube, which is engraved on the end of the tube.


Unitron SlimTubes HE are suitable for the following Unitron Hearing Aids:

  • Unitron Stride M
  • Unitron Shine Rev
  • Unitron Quantum



  • Thin, transparent tube
  • Flexible, skin-friendly material
  • Easy replacement possible


Technical data:

  • Available in four lengths
  • Matching domes: Unitron Dome



  • 1x Unitron SlimTubes HE

Unitron SlimTube HE for Hearing Aids

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