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Unitron xS receiver

Unitron offers so-called "external receivers" for some hearing aids, where the speaker sits directly in the ear canal. The external receiver can significantly reduce the size of hearing aids.


The standard xS receiver is suitable for the following Unitron hearing aids:

  • Unitron Moxi Now
  • Unitron Moxi Kiss
  • Unitron Moxi Fit
  • Unitron Moxi Dura

The earpiece should be replaced if it is covered with wax or has become damp after prolonged wear.


A defective or worn earpiece causes distortion and muffles the volume. Speech can no longer be clearly understood.


To ensure a long life, it is important to change both the screen and the cerumen filter regularly. The small white filter sits directly in the earpiece opening and ensures that no foreign objects enter the earpiece and damage the membrane. The small screen ensures that the earpiece fits comfortably in the ear and also has the job of keeping cerumen out of the earpiece.


    The earpieces have a small engraving at the end of the ear canal that indicates the length.



    • Spare part for Unitron hearing aids
    • External speaker
    • Also available as a power version
    • Available in 4 different lengths



    • 1x Unitron Standard xS receiver

    Unitron Receiver xS Receiver for Hearing Aids

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