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Unitron Hearing Aid Retention 4.0

The earpiece retainers support the earpiece of the hearing aid in the pinna of the ear, preventing the earpiece from slipping out of place.


The Retention 4.0 are suitable for 4.0 earpieces from Unitron

The Receivers 4.0 come in S, M and P power classes and have different diameters. Please pay attention to this when making your selection.



  • Support for the external 4.0 earpieces of hearing aids
  • Provide a secure fit for the earpiece
  • Easy replacement possible


Technical data:

  • Color: transparent
  • Length of the holder: about 35 mm
  • Diameter slip-on sleeve: 3 × 4 mm



  • 1x Unitron Retention 4.0
  • Content: 1 piece

Unitron Receiver Lock Retention 4.0

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