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Unitron PartnerMic™ with 2.4 GHz technology


The Unitron PartnerMic is an auxiliary microphone for their Hearing Aids. The wireless microphone can be worn comfortably by their partner. Its small size makes it very unobtrusive and comfortable to wear. With the clip on the back, you simply attach it to the lapel and even demanding listening situations are no longer an obstacle.


The speaker's voice is picked up by the PartnerMic and instantly transmitted to your Hearing Aids. With its range of up to 25 meters, it opens up many new possibilities for you.


  • Attend a lecture, ask the speaker to wear the PartnerMic and follow the lecture even in the back seats.
  • Give the microphone to your travel companion on the train or plane and listen in a relaxed manner despite the high noise level.
  • Your children sit in the back of the car, with the PartnerMic no problem at all. You concentrate on the traffic and hear your child without any problems.
  • I'm sure you can think of one or two things, right?


The Uniron PartnerMic lasts up to 6 hours of operation before needing to be recharged.


The following Unitron Hearing Aids can be connected to the PartnerMic:

  • Unitron Stride M
  • Unitron Moxi Move R
  • Unitron Moxi Jump RT
  • Unitron Moxi Fit


Pairing is as simple as can be:


Turn on the PartnerMic and hold it near your Hearing Aids. Pairing will then happen automatically. From then on, every time you turn it on, it will automatically pair with your Hearing Aids.

Unitron PartnerMic

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