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Moxi Discover Next

Moxi Move R is Unitron's smallest lithium-ion RIC. Thanks to lithium battery technology, 24-hour operation is no problem for the unit. The Unitron Moxi Discover Next helps restore spatial hearing, detect nuances in the voice, and understand high and low tones more clearly. Six microphones detect the cause and origin of a sound and adapt to it. This makes it possible to analyze from which side you are addressed, for example, and react to it.


Also, sudden sounds that could startle its wearer are attenuated. It also has a feedback and wind manager. Wind noise outdoors is attenuated to increase listening comfort.


While the Discover Next also makes it easier to get started with the Hearing Aid. The Automatic Fitting Manager initially starts at a low volume and then adapts further and further until surely the wearer has become accustomed to the Hearing Aid.


Bluetooth connectivity

The Unitron Discover Next is compatible with all major smartphones and allows direct streaming of music, TV sound and calls. The SWORD 3.0 Sonova chip is used for this purpose, which makes hands-free telephony possible without additional Accessories. Carriers can connect multiple devices simultaneously. Also the connection with two TV connectors can be carried out.

Unitron Moxi Discover Next

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