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Unitron Blu

Unitron Blu uses Unitron's latest technology with the Sonova Prism chip with larger memory than before. Blu automatically optimizes sound and works with binaural communication. The focus of the amplification is on speech. Noise during a conversation is suppressed, making it easier to have conversations in noisy environments outdoors or in a cafe.


In addition, the device also amplifies soft and gentle voices, so that they are again pleasantly audible. In addition to speech understanding, spatial hearing is also improved. Because both ears receive amplified signals again, it is possible to localize sounds in the room. Even high-pitched sounds become more audible again. Music, TV sound and calls can be transmitted wirelessly directly to the Hearing Aid via Bluetooth. Connections are possible with up to two devices simultaneously.


Individually customizable hearing

The Hearing Aids can also be manually adjusted according to individual needs. The equalizer allows bass, mids and treble to be adjusted, for example, for a particular style of music that people like to listen to. Remote adjustment by the acoustician is also possible. These additional functions can be conveniently controlled with the associated app.

Unitron Moxi Blu

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