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Unitron Insera Discover Next

The Unitron Insera Discover Next sits in the ear canal. In doing so, the Unitron Insera is tailored to the user's anatomy. Unitron's Ear Match technology optimizes the performance of the directional microphones adapted to the specific ear shape of the user. This results in a natural hearing sensation. The large number of hearing programs also contributes to this.


The Unitron Hearing Aids distinguish in a total of seven hearing situations. Depending on the degree of hearing loss, the Insera can disappear completely or half in the ear canal and is virtually invisible from the outside. In addition, the Hearing Aid can be selected in matching skin color.


Available is the Unitron Insera Discovere Next in four performance classes, matched to the needs of the user. While an agile person needs a Hearing Aid that is in all situations, even in difficult ones such as theaters, concerts or crowds, for a person who is only in quiet situations, the basic form of the Insera is enough.


Powerful Hearing Aid

With the Uniton Insera, it is once again possible to focus on speech and participate confidently in conversations. Distracting noises are muffled, while voices are amplified. The integrated feedback protection protects against unwanted whistling throughout the day. Impulse noise and wind can also optimize the Insera.


If required, a tinnitus noiser can also be programmed into the Insera. This masks the tinnitus sound and thus provides relaxation.

Unitron Insera Discover Next

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