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Unitron Insera Blu

Unitron's Insera Blu in-the-ear hearing instruments offer the latest in sound performance, connectivity and personalization, and can be easily worn with eyeglasses and masks.


Hearing instrument wearers can be confident that their hearing care professional understands their hearing needs, thanks to "Log It All." This unique Unitron feature classifies and tracks how much time is spent in each of seven different listening environments, regardless of the technology level of the hearing instrument. This gives the hearing healthcare professional a complete picture of lifestyle and allows him or her to provide advice based on need.


The networked Insera B-312 features Made For All direct connectivity and Blu platform connectivity options, including so-called "Experience Innovations." These help hearing care professionals optimize and personalize the entire hearing experience, from the initial fitting and beyond. In doing so, hearing care professionals are supported by a variety of tools. Unitron's Experience Innovations enable hearing care professionals to better support hearing instrument users.

Unitron Insera Blu

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