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Starkey Remote Microphone+ 2.4

A device that can do it all. If you enjoy technology and aren't afraid to try new things, the Remote Mic+ is a treasure trove of possibilities. Use it as a personal microphone when traveling and you'll effortlessly understand your companion even on the train. Make phone calls via the Remote Mic and stay relaxed, even if you're standing on a busy street. Because you will hear the caller directly through your Hearing Aids, which are now a headset with the amplification stored in it. Video conferencing in your home office? So what? You connect your Remote Mic to your computer and off you go. And after work, just watch a funny YouTube video to relax. Going to the theater again? Many homes have listening systems installed that emit a magnetic field but are otherwise invisible. If you have a seat in that area, you switch over and get the sound.... well, you know.

The Starkey Remote Microphone+ is the ideal Hearing Aid accessory for the following Hearing Aid models:

  • Starkey Livio Edge AI
  • Starkey Livio AI
  • Starkey Livio RIC
  • Starkey Livio mRIC


Pairing with phone:

The remote microphone supports common Bluetooth protocols, so you can use the microphone to answer calls and use your Hearing Aids as a headset.


Integrated telecoil:

In many museums or church buildings, there are bell wires that emit an inductive signal. No problem for the Starkey Remote Microphone+. Switch to telecoil and hear the spoken word with no interference.


Bluetooth connectivity:

Pair the microphone to your tablet via Bluetooth and you're ready to go. Your favorite music, podcasts or audiobooks will directly from the Hearing Aid. Good hearing can be this simple. A wired connection to devices without BT can also be made via the MIcro USB jack. (Not included.)


Roger compatible:

If you are already using a Phonak Roger Sound System , you can plug the Roger X Receiver into the Remote Mic+ and take full advantage of the system.



  • External microphone for Starkey Hearing Aids with 2.4 BT technology
  • Multi-purpose microphone
  • As a personal microphone for lectures
  • as a headset for phone calls
  • as an interface to listening equipment in theaters or churches
  • for streaming via tablet or laptop
  • Volume buttons for individual adjustment
  • Pairing with Hearing Aids can be self-adjusted
  • Microphone adjustment on lapel with directionality
  • Microphone setting lying omnidirectional


Technical specifications:

  • Connection with audio sources via BT
  • Up to 8 Bluetooth sources can be paired
  • Connection via micro USB possible



  • 1x Starkey Remote Microphone+
  • 1x power supply
  • 1x USB/Micro USB cable
  • 1x user manual

Starkey Remote Microphone +

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