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Starkey Comfort Domes

Starkey domes are the matching end pieces for sound tubes and Receivers. They ensure a secure fit of the Hearing Aid in the ear canal and optimize sound transmission. Their soft silicone material makes them very comfortable to wear and prevents pressure points in the ear. Different sizes ensure a high level of wearing comfort.


The Domes are available in "open" and "closed" Version available.
In the "open" version, holes in the Dome wall provide good ventilation of the ear canal and a brighter sound. "Closed" Domes are used when Hearing Aids tend to whistle slightly or when more low frequency amplification is desired. The 4 mm Bud is basically not a Dome, but a protective cap with the smallest possible diameter. Please note that if you change the Dome to a different size or design, the sound characteristics of your Hearing Aid will also change slightly.


Starkey Comfort Buds are suitable for all Starkey Hearing Aid models. Replacement is simple and should be done approximately every 4 to 6 weeks.



  • Spare part for Hearing Aids to replace yourself
  • Especially low visibility due to dark color
  • Soft silicone material from medical field
  • Improved fit to the ear canal wall
  • Available in 5 sizes


Technical specifications:

  • Closed design for more reinforcement
  • Open design for more comfortable sound



  • 1x Starkey Comfort Bud

Starkey Comfort Domes

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