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Starkey charging station

This charging station is suitable for Starkey hearing aids with lithium-ion batteries. The full charging of your hearing aids is completed in just 4 hours. At the same time, the charging station provides the perfect protection for your hearing aids with its resealable lid.


The charging station is available in 4 designs:

  • Starkey Standard Charging Station RIC / BTE
  • Starkey Premium charging station RIC / BTE incl. integrated battery
  • Starkey Standard Charging Station ITE
  • Starkey Premium charging station ITE incl. integrated battery


The built-in rechargeable battery allows you to fully charge your Starkey hearing aids up to 3 times, even when you're out and about without power.


Compatible Starkey hearing aids:

  • Starkey Evolv AI
  • Starkey Livio
  • Starkey Livio AI
  • Starkey Livio Edge AI



  • Charging station for Starkey hearing aids with lithium-ion batteries
  • With built-in rechargeable battery for use as a power bank
  • Attachment for dry capsule
  • Charge cycle: 4 hours
  • Color: black



  • 1x Starkey Standard Charger charging case (without hearing aids).
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 1x user manual

Starkey Charger

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