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The Signia TV transmitter for Smart Connect

Wouldn't that be wonderful? Listening to and understanding TV without headphones, but simply through Smart Connect / EasyTek and your Hearing Aids?


If you already use a Bluetooth interface for your Hearing Aids, you can now easily connect your TV as well.


Simply connect the transmitter to your TV using the included audio cables and pair it once with your Bluetooth Receiver. Done.

You can now hear the TV sound through your Hearing Aids with the amplification stored in them. So a TV evening is again a pleasure.

Naturally, you can alternatively connect the transmitter with your stereo to the TV - that's rock 'n' roll!



  • Signia TV Bluetooth transmitter
  • Accessories for Signia Smart Connect
  • Accessories for Signia EasyTek
  • For audio sources without dedicated Bluetooth function
  • With Toslink connector
  • Easy installation


Technical specifications:

  • Size: 60 × 80 × 20.5 mm
  • Color: black



  • 1x Signia Transmitter
  • 1x audio cable
  • 1x user manual

Signia TV Transmitter for Smart Connect

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