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Signia ThinTubes I Sound Tube

Signia ThinTubes are the logical further development of the proven Signia Life Tube sound tubes. They ensure an optimal fit of the Hearing Aids on the ear and thus at the same time for improved sound absorption. The sound absorption of the Hearing Aid microphones affects the directionality of the Hearing Aids and ensures better hearing.


Signia ThinTubes are suitable for the following Signia Hearing Aids:

  • Signia Motion 13P Nx
  • Signia Motion XS primax
  • Signia Motion SA primax
  • Audio Service Duo Li-Ion


A screw thread on the mounting connector ensures a secure connection to the Hearing Aid.


The sound tube is easy to replace yourself. It should be replaced whenever it becomes discolored or slowly hardens. Likewise, a kinked hose that no longer ensures proper transmission must be replaced. As a rule, one assumes a change cycle of about 3 to 4 months.

Signia ThinTube I Sound Tube

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