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Signia ThinTubes 3.0

The ThinTube 3.0 tubing is the connection between your Hearing Aids and your ear. Always make sure that the tubing is free and has not been accidentally kinked or twisted. To ensure proper sound transmission, the tubes should be replaced from time to time. At the latest, however, when they have become hard or discolored.


Signia ThinTube 3.0 are suitable for the following models:

  • Signia Motion Charge & Go X
  • Signia Motion Charge & Go PX



  • Thin sound tube for Hearing Aids
  • Flexible and low visibility


Technical data:

  • Available in 5 lengths
  • Available in 2 thicknesses
  • Matching Domes Eartip 3.0
  • Fitting sleeves Click Sleeves 3.0
  • Fitting support Concha Lock 3.0



  • 1x Signia ThinTubes 3.0

Signia ThinTube 3.0 Tubing

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