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Signia Styletto X

The Signia Styletto X is a behind-the-ear hearing aid with an elegant rechargeable design. It is a particularly slim RIC device. According to Signia, one of the first devices that looks so inconspicuous. The earpieces themselves are interchangeable. The devices are equipped with Signia Experience technology for improved speech understanding even in noisy conversation situations. In addition, the device also has a tinnitus function, which can mitigate its symptoms with soothing sounds or music. There is a choice of five color tones: White, Black, Black-Silver, Cosmic Blue-Rose Gold, and White-Rose Gold.


Optimal directional hearing

The technology used allows a targeted focus on a specific sound. Sensors constantly check the user's surroundings and adjust the hearing sensation accordingly. It does not matter whether it is sound from further away or a noisy situation. In addition, the devices are able to register movement.


Smart Assistance

Signia Assistance is an AI solution that provides assistance even when no audiologist is available. However, the audiologist can track changes made at any time and can also make them permanent after consultation with the wearer.


Mobile charging

For the Signia Styletto X, there is a portable charger for extra power on the go. In just three hours, the devices are fully charged again and there is no need to plug in the annoying cable. This also serves as protection for the devices during charging. If necessary, the quick-charge function can also be used to briefly provide hearing power for an additional five hours. Charged can all hearing aids that have a Qi charging surface.

Signia Styletto X

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