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Signia QuickGuard Wax Guard

The QuickGuard filter is the little brother of Signia's WaxGuard filter. The mini filter is suitable for many Signia in-ear devices and so-called RIC earmolds.


RIC earmolds are custom-made earpieces that enclose the hearing aid's external receiver. The QuickGuard filter is located at the sound outlet of the earmold, where it provides optimal protection from foreign objects.


The QuickGuard filter replaces the HF4 filters in the Signia portfolio. This means that if you have been using HF4 filters, you can now easily switch to QuickGuard.



  • Filter mounted on mounting tool
  • The empty side is used to remove the filter to be changed
  • Convenient filter change
  • Filter can be used for right and left hearing aids


Technical data:

  • Color: white
  • Nano coating
  • Acoustically transparent



  • 1x blister Signia QuickGuard
  • Contents: 8 filters

    Signia QuickGuard Wax Guards for Hearing Aids

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