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Signia Pure 312 X Battery

The Signia Pure 312 X shines with an elegant and slim design. This makes the device more discreet to use. It has an interchangeable housing and can also be used with an integrated coil. Wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth and Tele Care is supported. Equipped with Signia Experience technology, the wearer feels the sound of their voice naturally and benefits from improved directional hearing. The built-in sensor technology permanently adapts the hearing experience to the environment. Optionally, there is also a T-coil for the Signia Pure 312 X.

Signia PureCharge & Go X battery

Signia Pure Charge & Go X features Bluetooth connectivity and lithium battery with more capacity.  The new model has been reduced in size by 16% and is now even more discreet than before. In addition, the device now has a toggle switch. The integrated sensor technology now also detects movements better and adapts the hearing sensation to them. The wearer benefits from a natural sensation of their own voice and the listening situation. With the improved battery can also be streamed longer music and TV program.


New charging system

A new charger system has been developed for the Signia PureCharge & Go X. The charger now resembles a case and the devices are charged via inductive charging. Therefore, it is not important that they are completely in the charging socket. This means that the mobile charger can also be used by custom-made devices. The charger is also compatible with several models. In addition, the case has a drying function and automatically turns the devices on or off.


Large color selection

The Signia PureCharge & Go X and Signia Pure 312 X is available in a total of ten colors. So everyone can find his suitable model. 

Signia Pure X

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