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Signia Motion X

With the Signia Motion X, the wearer experiences improved hearing in any situation. No matter whether particularly quiet, loud or far away, the Signia Motion X automatically adjusts to it. The sensor system also detects movement and takes this into account in the calculations. At the same time, the device offers up to 61 hours of battery runtime and can be conveniently charged overnight. It is a small behind-the-ear device.


Improved speech understanding

The Signia Motion X helps to better filter speech in conversation from other sounds. This allows wearers to focus on the person speaking and block out other sounds. Signia's new technology makes it possible to actively participate in a conversation again.


Wireless connectivity

Music, telephony and television all work via Bluetooth. This provides advantages such as hands-free telephony and no interstitials when watching TV and streaming music. Sound comes directly to the ear.


Signia App and Smart Assistance

The Signia app can be used to adjust the hearing aid's functions. There is also the option of remote support if the audiologist cannot be visited in person. Likewise, Signia Smart Assistance, an AI system provides support when out-of-hours help is needed with the device. This means that wearers are looked after at all times. 


Suitable for any hearing loss

In addition, the Motion X is available in different designs to be applicable for different hearing problems. 


Motion Charge&Go P X

The Motion Charge & Go P X provides additional battery capacity and is usable for moderate to severe hearing loss. Includes Bluetooth connectivity as well as better battery.


Motion SP X

This model is designed for profound hearing loss that already borders on deafness. Includes Bluetooth connectivity and better battery performance.


The devices with higher battery power have two chargers to choose from the Standard Charger and the Dry & Clean Charger. There is also a choice of nine colors for all designs.

Signia Motion Charge & Go X

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