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Signia Mobile Charger

The Signia Mobile Charger is a pocket-sized portable charging case. The Charger serves as both a case and a power bank.


In just three hours, your  hearing aids are fully charged again. The Charger provides power for three full charges of your hearing aids.


With the built-in fast charging feature, your hearing aids can be charged for five hours within 30 minutes.


Thanks to Qi charging technology, your Mobile Charger can be inductively charged on any Qi charging surface.


Signia Mobile Charger

  • portable charging case
  • Qi charging technology
  • Half the weight of comparable chargers
  • With fast charging feature
  • Color: white


Compatible Signia hearing aids:

  • Signia Pure AX
  • Signia Styletto X
  • Signia Styletto AX
  • Signia Pure AX CROS
  • Signia Styletto X CROS
  • Signia Styletto AX CROS


If you have a Signia Pure X Series hearing aid, please use the following charging station: Signia Inductive Charger II



  • 1x Signia Mobile Charger (without hearing aids)
  • 1x plug-in power supply
  • 1x user manual

Signia Mobile Charger (Styletto AX, Styletto X, Pure AX)

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