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Signia miniReceiver Wax Guard 2.0 - Cerumen Filter

The Signia miniReceiver Wax Guard wax filter protects the hearing membrane of your hearing aids from dust and dirt particles.


The sensitive electronics and the hearing membrane can be quickly damaged by earwax (cerumen), moisture or other foreign objects.


We therefore recommend that you change your filters regularly every 1-2 months.


Often a filter change is announced by a duller sound from the hearing aid.

  • Cerumen filter Signia miniReceiver Wax Guard
  • Protects the hearing aid from wax
  • 8 filters per pack
  • Suitable for Siemens/Signia hearing aids with external speaker (miniReceiver 2.0)
  • also suitable for Silk in-the-ear hearing aids


Change your filter:

  • Pull a rod with a new filter out of the package
  • Place the side with the small barb on the filter you want to change
  • Remove the filter
  • rotate the rod 180 degrees
  • Put the tip of the rod with the new filter in the same place



  • 1x Signia MiniReceiver Wax Guard 2.0 (content = 8 pcs.)

Signia miniReceiver Wax Guard 2.0

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