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Signia miniPocket

With the small miniPocket on your keychain, you always have the remote control for your Signia hearing aids with you.


Even if your hearing aids are technically optimally adjusted to your hearing, sometimes the situation requires readjustment.

With the Signia miniPocket, you have access to the volume of your hearing aids and can quickly change the program. This keeps you flexible and allows you to respond to a changing acoustic situation at any time.


You can easily pair the Signia remote control with your hearing aids yourself.


Signia miniPocket is compatible with the following Signia hearing aids:

  • Signia Styletto AX (Augmented Xperience)
  • Signia Insio AX (Augmented Xperience)
  • Signia Pure C&G AX
  • Signia Active Pro
  • Signia Motion X
  • Signia Motion Charge & Go X (Xperience)
  • Signia Pure Charge & Go X (Xperience)
  • Signia Styletto X (Xperience)
  • Signia Silk X (Xperience)
  • Signia Styletto Nx
  • Signia Pure Charge & Go Nx
  • Signia Pure NX
  • Signia Motion 13 Nx
  • Signia Cellion primax
  • Signia Silk primax
  • Signia Intuis
  • Signia Prompt
  • Signia Run


Pairing with your existing hearing aids is easy:

  • Activate the miniPocket button lock (red).
  • Open the battery compartments of your hearing aids.
  • Close the battery compartments of your hearing aids.
  • The hearing aids are now in pairing mode.
  • Hold down button 5 ("P") while releasing the button lock (green).
  • Hold down button 5 until a confirmation tone is heard in the hearing aids.
  • Pairing completed.



  • robust workmanship
  • easy operation
  • key lock
  • Opening for key fob


Technical data:

  • Size: 57.5 × 34 × 12.8 mm
  • Weight: 21 g
  • Color: black
  • Range: 1 meter
  • Battery: CR2450



  • 1x Signia miniPocket remote control
  • 1x user manual

Signia miniPocket

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