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Signia LifeTubes

LifeTubes are suitable for open fitting with Signia Hearing Aids.

The sound tubes of your Hearing Aids should be replaced when they have become hard or discolored. This will ensure proper sound transmission from your Hearing Aids while avoiding potential pressure points that can be caused by a hardened sound tube. Depending on the wear and tear of your Hearing Aids, sound tubes should be replaced on a 2 to 3 month cycle.

Signia life tubes are suitable for the following Signia Hearing Aids:

  • Signia Prompt
  • Signia Pure
  • Signia Motion SX
  • Signia Aquaris
  • Signia Orion S / M / P
  • Signia Sirion S / M / P
  • Signia Intuis S DIR


The hoses are available in 6 different lengths. Please make sure you order the correct size, this is engraved on the end of the hose in the attachment nozzle for the Domes.



  • Mini hose for open fittings
  • Transparent, low visibility material
  • Easy replacement of the hoses


Technical data:

  • Fitting Dome: Signia LifeTip



  • 1x Signia LifeTubes (without Dome)

Signia LifeTubes

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