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Signia Signia LifeTip for ThinTube, LifeTube and S-LifeTube


LifeTip Domes are the matching end pieces for many Signia thin tubes used in open fitting Hearing Aids.

The Signia Dome serves to protect the ear canal, where it provides a comfortable fit. At the same time, the opening of the tubes that sits in the ear is protected from penetrating dander and clogging.


The domes are offered in various sizes and designs.

Please note that as the size of the dome changes, so do the sound characteristics of the device. When using a small Dome, the sound is brighter than when using a larger Dome. The closed Dome is used when devices tend to whistle easily.


The sizes:

  • End: without Dome 4 mm
  • Small: diameter of the Dome about 6 mm
  • Medium: diameter of the Dome about 8 mm - open or closed Dome
  • Large: diameter of the Dome about 10 mm
  • Tulip / semi-open: Double lamella for better sealing
  • PowerDome medium: two back to back Domes 8 and 10 mm
  • PowerDome large: two back-to-back Domes 10 and 12 mm



  • open: openwork / perforated Dome for even better air circulation
  • closed: Dome closed all around for more tightness even in small sizes



  • Transparent Dome made of skin-friendly material
  • Adapts to the ear canal
  • Easy replacement of the Dome
  • Technical data:

  • Fits in Signia ThinTubes
  • fits in Signia LifeTubes
  • fits in Signia S-LifeTubes



  • 1x Signia Dome LifeTips

Signia LifeTip Domes for LifeTube

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