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Signia Concha Lock 2.0 for Receiver

Concha Lock is the name of the small supports for the Signia mini receiver / Receiver of Hearing Aids.

They provide a better fit of the Receiver in the ear canal and keep it in place.


To install, pull the Click Dome Dome off the Receiver. Then, slip the ConchaLock onto the Receiver. Note here only in which direction the anchor flag must point, depending on whether it is a left or right Receiver. Put the Dome back on. Done. The anchor flag is placed in the pinna (the so-called concha) after insertion.


The Receiver holders come in different sizes for:

  • S Receiver (standard): size S
  • M Receiver: size M
  • P Receiver (power): size L



  • Holder for Signia Receivers
  • Holder for Audio Service Receivers
  • In different sizes for S, M and P Receivers
  • simple mounting


Technical data:

  • Color: transparent
  • Anchor flag length: 3.5 cm



  • 1 x Signia Concha Lock

Signia Concha Lock 2.0 Receiver holder

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