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Signia Click Domes for external receivers

Click Domes fit both the older miniReceiver with bayonet connector and the miniReceiver 2.0.

The soft domes fit perfectly to the ear canal, ensuring a snug fit of the receiver in the ear canal. At the same time, they protect the receiver of their hearing instruments through the integrated filter. The special filter of the Click Domes prevents the penetration of the smallest particles into the receiver membrane and thus prevents receiver failures and repairs.

The domes for Signia miniReceivers are available in various designs.

  • Open: for customers who want maximum comfort and avoid the annoying feeling of the closure in the ear
  • Closed: for customers for whom an open dome does not provide sufficient amplification
  • Semi-open: 2 ribs provide more tightness without the feeling of closure
  • Power: for customers who need amplification and greater tightness


Please note that if you change the design, the sound characteristics of the device will also change. When using a small dome, the sound will be brighter than when using a larger dome. The closed dome is used, for example, when devices tend to whistle easily.



  • Click domes for Signia miniReceiver 2.0
  • Soft skin friendly material
  • Easy change without much effort


Technical data:

  • Fits older Signia miniReceiver earpieces type S, M and P (bayonet fitting)
  • Fits Signia miniReceiver 2.0

If you are using a miniReceiver 3.0, the Signia Sleeves 3.0 are appropriate.



  • 1x Signia Click Dome

Signia Click Domes

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