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Signia Active

With the Signia Active, Signia aims at providing customers who maintain an active lifestyle with a suitable hearing solution. The Active is especially appropriate for mild to moderate hearing loss. Due to the inconspicuous earbud design, the hearing aid is hardly distinguishable from in-ear headphones.


The following features await you within the Signia Active:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity - Simply connect your hearing aids to Apple products via Bluetooth, or to Android devices with the matching accessories.
  • Streaming - Stream your favorite music or phone calls directly through your hearing aids via bluetooth.
  • Mobile Charging - The Signia Active can be conveniently charged on the go, without the need for a power supply.
  • Signia Assistant - Signia Assistant is available 24 hours a day to help you with adjustments or questions about your Active hearing aid.
  • Dynamic Soundscape Processing - The Signia Active recognizes the listening situation you’re in and adjusts the listening settings accordingly. Thus, you receive the best speech perception in every situation.
  • Instant Fit - Click Sleeves simplify the fitting of Active hearing aids to your ear’s anatomy and eliminate the need for lengthy fitting processes.


Better Speech Clarity through the Xperience Platform

Preserving speech understanding regardless of the situation - that is Signia’s promise which they aim to meet with help of the Xperience Platform. The focus is mainly on maintaining an active lifestyle, regardless of hearing limitations. Xperience stands for your hearing aid’s ability to scan the situation you are in and adjust its settings accordingly. This means there’s no longer any need to compromise between speech perception and the perception of your environment. The described technology is included in the Active, resulting in it being a suitable device for a physically and socially active lifestyle.


Accessories for the Signia Active

  • Streamline Mic - This additional microphone can be used to overcome distances and as a headset. It also allows streaming music from Android products.
  • miniPocket - This small remote control allows you to make small changes to the volume and program of your hearing aids out of your pocket.
  • Qi-Charger- This rechargeable charging case supplies your hearing aids with power for up to 3 days. It enables you to charge your hearing aid easily and mobile - without any cable.
  • Streamline TV - Stream the sound from your TV directly through your hearing aids using the adapter.


You can find more accessories by Signia here.


Signia App

With the Signia App, you can enlist Signia’s additional services. The option for TeleCare and for using the Signia Assistant is available in the App. Therefore, you can either change the settings of your hearing aid by yourself via the app or claim help of the named services. For instance, you can use the app for adjusting the volume, program or directionality of your hearing aid. The Signia Assistant is available daily all around the clock to provide assistance. Your hearing care professional is also able to assist you with changing your hearing aid settings via TeleCare.


Signia Active technology levels

The Signia Active is available in two technology levels. Either as a basic variant - the Signia Active - or as a premium variant - the Signia Active Pro. The Pro offers a higher level of technological sophistication. An overview of the features of the technology levels can be found below.


Signia Active

With the 'classical' Signia Active, you are already well equipped for everyday hearing needs. The Active offers 4 hearing programs and 8 channels, adjustable by our hearing care professionals. In addition, a speech and noise manager helps you to understand speech clearly. Also, the hearing aid has various directionalities. Another feature of the model is the integrated frequency compression, which reduces high frequencies to less high ones, thus, for instance, compensating high-frequency hearing loss.


Signia Active Pro

The Signia Active Pro has a number of additional features that set it apart from the standard version. There are 6 hearing programs and 20 channels that can be set by our hearing care professionals. In addition, 3 music programs are available in the Pro. In reverberant or windy situations, you are well prepared with the Active Pro, as it includes functions for reverberation reduction and wind noise suppression.


Another advantage over the basic version is the integrated impulse sound suppression, which suppresses spontaneously occurring, loud noises. All of the mentioned functions contribute to clear speech perception, which is increasingly sharpened by SpeechFocus technology and binaural directionality which enables the focus on a specific speaker. Finally, the extended frequency range as well as the tinnitus function are to be emphasized.


Signia Active Colors

Signia Active is available in the following colors: white/rosé gold, black, black/silver.

Signia Active

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