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ReSound Wax Guards for SureFit™ Receivers

The small filters are inserted at the sound outlet of the Receiver and ensure that no foreign objects enter the Receiver and damage the membrane. The filters are cylindrical and have a fine mesh inside. Always make sure the filter is clear and the mesh is clearly visible.


Since the filter is a protection behind the Dome, which also already ensures that foreign bodies stay outside, it is sufficient to change the filter about every 4 to 6 weeks.


ReSound WaxGuard filters are suitable for:

  • ReSound SureFit2 earmolds
  • ReSound SureFit3 Receivers
  • ReSound SureFit3 M&RIE Receiver



  • Spare part for Hearing Aids
  • Easy replacement
  • Hearing protection



  • 1x ReSound WaxGuards
  • Content: 8 pieces

ReSound Wax Guards

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