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SureFit ThinTube for ReSound Hearing Aids

Mini tubes are used when the goal is to achieve the most open fitting possible. Because of their small diameter, the tubes are minimally visible and very comfortable to wear. The SureFit ThinTubes are offered in different lengths and insertion depths. These specifications are engraved in the nozzle below the Dome, where they can be read.


So the marking 2B - Side right (red) Length: 2 Insertion depth B: Short


The mark 3A - Side Left (blue) Length: 3 Insertion Depth A: Deep

Replace the thin tubes when discoloration occurs or the material has become hard. Manufacturers recommend replacement about every 3 months. In this way, you yourself ensure perfect wearing comfort and optimal sound transmission of your Hearing Aids.


The SureFit ThinTubes from ReSound have the matching connector for the following models:

  • ReSound Linx 3D
  • ReSound Linx² (Model 9, 7 and5)
  • ReSound Enya (Model 3 and 4)
  • ReSound Enzo 2



  • Hearing Aid replacement part
  • easy replacement possible
  • very thin sound tube
  • clearly transparent
  • lowly visible to wear


Technical Specifications:

  • Available in 5 lengths
  • Available in 2 insert depths (A = deep / B = short)
  • Matching Domes: ReSound SureFit Dome (not included)



  • 1x ReSound SureFit Thin Tubes
  • Content: 1 piece

ReSound SureFit Thin Tubes Mini Tubes

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