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The GN ReSound Receiver holder for SureFit3 Receivers

The holders give the Hearing Aid Receiver a better hold in the ear canal and provide a more comfortable fit.


The SureFit Receiveris simply slid into the included holder. Done.
The holder rests inside the ear cup, ensuring that the Receiver cannot slip out of place when worn. The holder can also be shortened as desired.


The Sport Lock is available in three different designs, depending on the type of Receiver:

  • Sport Lock LP (low power) - L
  • Sport Lock MP (medium power) - M
  • Sport Lock HP (high power) - X



    • Transparent sports mount for external Receiver
    • Barely visible in ear
    • Provides more stability
    • Length can be shortened individually

    ReSound Sport Mount for SureFit3 Receivers

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