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The ReSound One pursues the goal of making hearing as natural as possible despite the need of hearing aids. For this purpose, a sound is produced, which is meant to support the process of selective hearing in the brain. For this purpose, the ReSound One is placed comfortably inside the ear canal and adapts to the contours of the pinna. Thus, the device allows a particularly clear, distinct hearing of ambient sounds. With the ReSound One you’re able to hear everything that is important.


In addition, the ReSound One is available with an additional earpiece, called M&rie. This earpiece is placed inside the ear as well. The hearing aid thus, again, uses the user’s ear shape and adapts the sound to it as best as possible. At the same time, it retains the familiar function of a receiver-in-canal hearing aid. Its open design avoids the "tunnel effect" (hollow sound when speaking). Depending on how severe your hearing loss is, there are different models or technology levels of the ReSound One that are available for you to choose from.


Features of the ReSound One

  • Ultra Focus - Places you previously avoided because of loud noises are no longer a problem with the ReSound One’s Ultra Focus
  • Directional Hearing - Listen effortlessly in each listening situation and environment, no matter how you’re positioned towards the speaker!
  • Wind Guard - Protects your understanding from noise disruption in form of wind.
  • Tinnitus Function - The ReSound One allows you to treat your tinnitus symptoms with your new hearing device.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity - Connect your hearing aid to your TV or smartphone and enjoy the sound output directly through your ear. You can also determine whether sounds should be delivered to both ears or just one.
  • Individual Settings - The volume of your hearing aid can be set individually for each ear.


Advantages of the ReSound One

  • Remotely Adjustable - Have your hearing aids adjusted remotely while staying in the comfort of your home!
  • Automatic Fitting - Your hearing aids automatically adapt to the situation you're in as well as your hearing patterns. This results in user-specific hearing.
  • Frequency Adjustment - The frequency of particularly high or low tones is adjusted to always secure the hearing quality.
  • 30 hours Wearing Time - Your hearing aids provide you with hearing power for up to 30 hours. With extensive use of the streaming option, up to 25 hours of use is possible.


ReSound Apps

With the Smart 3D app you can personalize your listening experience. In the app you can adjust the volume of your hearing aids. Also, you can switch between different hearing programs. The settings can additionally be defined for specific locations. In the future, your preferred listening setting will be activated automatically when you arrive at defined locations.


Another useful feature is the search function, which informs you of your hearing aid’s location.The Smart 3D App is also the place for remote fittings - our hearing care professional contacts you via the app and adjusts your hearing aids according to your wants and needs. Another feature for all those who suffer from tinnitus: You can set noise types via the Relief App to initiate relief from your ear noises.


Accessories for the ReSound One

  • TV Streamer - Stream audio from your TV directly through your hearing aids. 
  • Remote control - Adjust volume and programs at the touch of a button. 
  • MicroMic - Pull in this extra microphone to guarantee your speech understanding in very demanding listening situations.
  • Premium charging station - Charge your hearing aids on the go  - 3.5 hours of charging for 25 hours of listening pleasure!

Find more accessories here.


ReSound One Colors

The ReSound One is available in the following colors: Silver, Champagne, Gold, Warm Gray, Graphite, Velvet Black, Espresso.

Resound ONE

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