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Experience the power of clarity

ReSound ENZO Q, our newest Hearing Aid for severe to profound hearing loss. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, ReSound ENZO Q offers you clear and comfortable hearing, extensive connectivity options. Clear sound is critical to your hearing experience. Customize your Hearing Aid to your preferences and sit back and relax: no feedback, no whistling, no unpleasant noise, even when you turn up the volume.


60% better speech understanding in noisy environments

It often takes a lot of effort and concentration to hear everything in noisy environments. ReSound ENZO Q supports your individual listening needs without cutting you off from the outside world.

Engage in group conversations and accurately associate sounds in your environment without missing speech or other details.
Studies show that people with severe to profound hearing loss have 60% better speech understanding in noisy environments when they use our technology.


Unpleasant sounds become pleasant

High amplification is important to make sure you hear everything and are comfortable in your environment. Unpleasant amplified sounds, however, can be very annoying.

ReSound ENZO Q finds just the right balance here. The Hearing Aid detects the respective environment and perfectly matches the volume and the settings for background noise. Disturbing background noise such as running water or traffic noise is pleasantly filtered, but still remains audible. Our technology also prevents particularly loud, disturbing noises such as keys falling or bottles clinking. In fact, 89% of sudden loud noises become more comfortable with ReSound Hearing Aids.

ReSound ENZO Q

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