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Phonak Virto Paradise


With the Virto Paradise, Phonak brings a novelty to the market. The hearing aid promises a particularly clear, natural sound. Comprehensive connectivity makes it particularly suitable for an active, young lifestyle. The following features, among others, await you in the Phonak Virto Paradise:

  • Comprehensive connectivity - The Virto Paradise connects to your smartphone, TV and Roger accessories.
  • Speech Enhancer - Amplifies the speech of quiet or distant speakers for improved speech understanding.
  • Earbud Design - The Virto impresses with its subtle EarBud design.


Phonak Virto Paradise Accessories

  • Roger Table Mic - Use this transmitter to avoid losing your acoustic overview during meetings or larger table conversations.
  • TouchscreenMic - This additional microphone can be worn by speakers further away, for example during lectures, so that what is said is transmitted directly to your hearing aids.
  • Roger On - Get support in demanding listening environments with the Roger On. The microphone highlights speech while blocking out noise.


For more information and additional accessories from Phonak, see here.


myPhonak App

The myPhonak app provides you with status information about your hearing aids - so you can see your wearing time statistics, battery status and other settings at a glance. Within the app, you can also make settings such as changing volume or program selection. Here you also have the option to configure programs for specific listening situations/environments.

Phonak Virto Paradise

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