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The Phonak Virto Marvel Titanium

Virto Marvel hearing aids from Phonak deliver an excellent listening experience to their wearers! The Virto Titanium automatically adjusts to given sound environments, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. Due to its compressed size, the Virto Marvel Titanium is particularly inconspicuous, while the choice of materials makes it extremely lightweight and at the same time extraordinarily robust. The Virto M-Titanium can be customized to fit both, your ear and hearing loss.


The following features await you with the Phonak Virto Marvel Titanium:

  • Wind Block - Great speech understanding even in windy environments.
  • Echo-Block - Even in reverberant environments, the speech comprehension with the Virto M-Titanium persists (Only with Virto Marvel Titanium 90).
  • Music Function - Stream your favorite music, podcasts or an audiobook directly through your hearing aids.
  • AutoSense OS 3.0. - Your hearing aid automatically adjusts itself and its settings to your environment, ensuring better speech understanding.
  • 360° Understanding - Your hearing aid captures speech from any direction, so you don't necessarily have to sit across from the speaker!
  • Sound Recover - Makes it easier to understand high-pitched sounds and puts you in the comfort of hearing singing birds again.


Phonak Virto Marvel Titanium Colors

The Phonak Virto Marvel Titanium is available in the following colors: Black, Cocoa, Pink.

Phonak Virto Marvel Titanium

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