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Phonak SlimTube 4.0

When it is possible from an acoustic point of view, hearing aids are usually fitted with a thin tube. This SlimTube ensures a good fit of the hearing aid and is very unobtrusive to wear.


During the fitting, a template is used to determine the correct length and the dome that fits the ear canal is selected.


The length is engraved on the end of the sound tube that sits in the ear canal, so you can easily read it.


The SlimTube 4.0 has a port for hearing aids that can also be used with an angle piece.


These tubes are suitable for the following Phonak hearing aids:

  • Phonak Bolero M (Marvel)
  • Phonak Sky M (Marvel)
  • Phonak Sky P (Paradise)
  • Phonak Naída M (Marvel)
  • Phonak Naida P (Paradise)


Previous SlimTube variants had a different port:

  • SlimTube HE (with narrow external thread) for Bolero, Ambra, Solana, Cassia, Dalía, Níos, Sky and Roger Focus.
  • SlimTube (with thin base and internal thread) for Baseo, Verve, Versata, Certena, miniValeo, Savia, eXtra, Exelia, Eleva, Una and Audéo Yes.
  • MicroTubes (with triangular connection and female thread) for Milo Plus micro, Versata micro, Nios micro, Certena micro, micro Savia, Exelia micro, micro Eleva, micro eXtra and Verve micro.



  • Phonak SlimTube 4.0 for Marvel BTE models
  • Phonak SlimTube 4.0 for Paradise BTE models
  • Spare part for do-it-yourself installation
  • Very slim and almost invisible to wear
  • Available in different lengths


Package includes:

  • 1x Phonak SlimTube 4.0
  • Content: 1 piece

Phonak SlimTube 4.0

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