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Phonak Speaker 4.0

Phonak Generation 4.0 receiver with new connector. (3-pin)

If your hearing aids sound duller than usual and speech is not being transmitted cleanly, the filter in the receiver may be clogged. Simply replace it and see if the sound quality improves. If it doesn't, the receiver may need to be replaced entirely.


The earpieces are available in 3 performance classes:

  • S is the standard earpiece for mild to moderate hearing loss
  • M is one size stronger and
  • P is the high-performance receiver for severe hearing losses


Please note that changing the type of receiver will likely require reprogramming your hearing aids! Be sure to discuss this with your hearing care professional beforehand.


The Phonak Receiver 4.0 is suitable for the following Phonak hearing aid models

  • Phonak Audéo Paradise
  • Phonak Audéo Marvel


If you use other Hearing aids from Phonak, the Phonak xS receiver is the appropriate one.



  • Spare part for Phonak hearing aids
  • External receiver for Phonak hearing aids
  • Small design with color coding
  • Change requires a little skill and a steady hand


Technical data:

  • Available in lengths 0 to 3
  • Available in 3 gain levels
  • Matching Domes: Phonak Domes 4.0
  • Ear Lock: Phonak Retention 4.0
  • Color label indicates receiver type and length


Package includes: 

  • 1x Phonak external receiver 4.0

Phonak Receiver 4.0

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