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The Phonak Naída Paradise

Naída Paradise is a powerful BTE device from the manufacturer Phonak which provides you with a comprehensive hearing experience through improved software. Extremely convincing is the automatic adjustment of the hearing devices to your hearing environment. The hearing quality of the Naída Paradise is mainly determined by three functions:


  • Speech Enhancer - Through the Speech Enhancer function you’re able to hear people speaking quietly or those who are further away from you (available in the Naída Paradise 90).
  • Dynamic Noise Cancellation - This feature allows you to personalize your desired level of noise cancellation (available in the Naída Paradise 90).
  • Motion Sensor Hearing - The Naída Paradise detects whether you’re moving and automatically adjusts its listening settings to provide you with better speech understanding whilst moving (starting with Naída Paradise 50).


Features of the Phonak Naída Paradise

  • Bluetooth Streaming - Easily stream music, podcasts, videos or audiobooks from your smartphone, tablet or laptop on your hearing device.
  • Tap Control - You can answer or end phone calls or start and stop your music by simply tapping your hearing aid.
  • TV Streaming - Use the Phonak TV connector to stream the audio of your TV directly through your hearing aids.
  • Remote Fitting - Have your hearing aids adjusted remotely by our hearing care professionals - no matter where you’re at.


MyPhonak 5.0. App

In the MyPhonak 5.0. App, you can check the status and battery level of your hearing aids. In addition, the app allows you to personalize minor settings, such as adjusting the volume or selecting different programs. You can also document your opinion on the used settings in your personal hearing diary. The MyPhonak App is also the place for our hearing care professionals to contact you and remotely adjust your devices. Feel free to share your hearing diary with your hearing care professional to make your fittings even more beneficial.

Phonak Naida Paradise

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