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Phonak MicGuard Microphone Protector for in-the-ear devices by Phonak


Because good hearing must be encouraged

Remove all debris from your Hearing Aids daily by using special cleaning products for Hearing Aids


If the volume of a Hearing Aid is dropping, the wax filter or microphone cover, for example, may be clogged. When inserting and operating the small in-the-ear devices, it is common to touch the microphone cover. Since the microphone input is only a few tenths of a millimeter wide, it can quickly happen that it is clogged.


If you feel that the volume of your device is decreasing or the sound is no longer completely clear, this may be a sign that the microphone filter should be changed.


The MicGuard filter is on a removal stick whose "empty" side is used to remove the used filter. On the other side is the new filter, which is simply plugged into the place of the removed.



  • Small, transparent microphone protection filter
  • Requires a "good eye"
  • Practical removal sticks


Package includes: 

  • 1x Phonak MicGuard

Phonak MicGuard Microphone Protector

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